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IT is Awesomme Game !! .

Hey Thanks :)

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hey developer can you put your file in the zip really appreciated thanks. Otherwise I'm unable to download and give your guys review about your games!!

We previewed Bios Ex at Nerds and Scoundrels. You can check out the full preview here

I like the artsyle. It's very "classic"?

Demo is interesting but very short... Too short, maybe...

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yo, soooooo i played your demo and even thought i was kinda hoping for nothing really the very short story in the game as it is right now actually surprised me not only for the art style as well for the SO MANY GODDAMN QUESTIONS I NOW HAVE clicked caps....sorry about that...... anyway loved the game and if i can ill try to help on the kick starter next month if still available......

also i may or may not have done a video....who am i trying to fool

hope you enjoy

Backed on Kickstarter  ^^

Thanks for Linux :)

Any plans for a Linux version ?


I think yes , check tomorrow maybe I could put it

Deleted post

Okay, I put it

Thank you ! Tried the demo and enjoyed it. Does this mean that there will be a Linux version available upon release if I pledge to the Kickstarter ?


I can confirm that there will be a linux version

Fantastic ! Well you just got yourself another Kickstarter backer.

This is soooo interesting :) :D, nice job.

Thank you Daniel